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If you do a little research you can figure out where this South Florida Engagement Session was taken :-)

This was one of my favorite shots from Bella & Blake’s session (above).  I saw the sun was lighting up all the trees around us, and would expose nicely in the camera.  I just needed to find a shaded section for them to stand in.  After a few seconds of finding the “right” spot, I positioned them in this gap (between the two trees), and decided to let some foreground come through into the frame.  My assistant is holding a boom, with a powerful studio light on it to “amplify” what the sun was already doing.  I am actually shooting on the shadow side of them, but because of my lighting position it looks very natural.  The details here can not be overlooked, the hand positions, the tiny space between their noses, where I have instructed them to “look” .. to me.. it reminds me of a more “cinematic” shot, that could have been a movie that was paused.  This was what I was going for, and I really liked the end result.

I mean.. I can totally see this photo "un paused" and it turning into a video that plays out a whole story.  Are you with me?  This perhaps is the best indication of where I do, and DON'T get my creative inspiration from.  I don't look at other photographers, but I do source ideas from other walks of life such as Movies, TV, Music Videos, etc.. 


Location: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129.