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Sexy Miami Engagement Sessions

On this crazy Sexy Miami Engagement Session we walked into this “club room” way in the back, and spotted this couch, with the erotic artwork above it.  My clients thought it would be a fun idea to “replicate the same thing”, as that picture (picture, in the picture) was also taken in this location.  So.. here we have it.  A very unique, “mirror” image of another picture, within a picture.  It’s worth noting, that I did not want to make it –exactly– the same, so some of the posing and expression was made to be “mine” vs. what someone else did.  I wanted it to be 90% like the other image, and 10% me.

This is an incredibly sexy engagement photo, and perhaps wayyyy too erotic for most people.  But, regardless of your thoughts you have to admit this was pretty clever, and very well done.  The concept, the lighting, and the end result all are very unique, and you have to think how happy do you think these clients were? VERY!  and..  how smart was she?... to give her man a shot that forever will give him something to get excited about.  I think that's brilliant.

I do love how I seem to attract client's that have some real creative ideas.. or perhaps allow me to make some suggestions.  Because taking images is one thing.. but, taking images that you can write about like this.. is on a totally different level.


Location: Miami, FL.