Sexy Engagement Sessions in Miami
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Sexy Engagement Sessions in Miami

Just look at this sexy shot.  This was taken inside the hanger at Wings Over Miami.

I'll tell you.. we are not getting any younger.  So, the way I look at it.. if I have a chance to make some sexy shots of my clients, I am going to try and do it.  One day they will look back and thank me.  Your only going to look so good, for so long.. so, you might as well showcase what you have, when you have it!  That's my motto.  Tell me I am wrong, and I will call you a lair :-)  This is one of the reasons my portfolio is filled with sexy shots!  They evoke more emotion, get the heart pumping, and showcase you in the best way possible.  This will always trump a regular, old, stroll through the park shot in frumpy clothing... that the general public sees and says "yeah, who cares.".   See what I mean?


I have two small speed lights firing a full CTO 1/1 gel to give the color I wanted.  One is behind the subjects, and the other is far camera left.  I am shooting this on the “shadow side”, allowing the direction of my light to do all of the work.  Whats impressive, is that this was taken at the tail end of our “2 hours” that the museum allowed us to shoot with, and I was able to get this shot done in less then a min.

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Location: 14710 SW 128th Street Miami, FL 33186.