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Night Engagement Photos Miami

Night Engagement Photos in Miami are some of the hardest to do.  Everything changes at night.  Now, the photographer needs to REALLY come prepared.  You need to plan out the lighting, the color temperature, and camera settings.  You also need special consideration for focus, as even my pro level $10K Camera has a hard time in some dark situations.  So, easy.. this is not.  However, if you can get all the technical aspects nailed down.. your rewarded with some pretty stunning shots like this one!

In this shot (above) much like the others from this session,  I wanted a sexy shot, this time with the city in the background.  We are shooting in downtown Brickell and they are standing on a thin wall by the water. (not for everyone I might add!)  to make matters worse, I insisted that Marjorie wear her “tall heels” that she had brought along, and I wanted it to look like they were “dancing”.  I got several frames from this part of the session, some where they are facing each other, some where only Juan is looking at camera, etc.. But, this one.. I said “pull her in for a kiss” and he did, and Marjorie just looked over on her own, and gave me this perfect smile.  Here Juan, has his feet flat (and that's good, as he needs to be careful on that wall).  Because he is making more interaction with Marjorie, (hand holding, dancing etc) it all works well.. and we all were very happy with the results.

Check out their full session here on my blog!


Location: 500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131.