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Miami Skyline Engagement Photos

I know of about four places to get a really nice Miami Skyline Engagement Photos, and this is one of them.  Generally we do this shot at nighttime, and it really pops.  But, today we wanted to give it a try during the day.  


The wind.

The Wind was beyond annoying.  It was WINDY AS HELL.

30mph+ So, we had to be very creative on how this was all going to come together.  I had to be creative, and I decided to use the wind to help me make a nice, sexy shot of them.  Can you see where I am going with this?  LOL.

Since the wind was blowing west, I faced my clients in a way that the wind would take her skirt and blow it to the side.  This showed more leg and that's always a good thing.

Lighting here is only one light.  I could not use two because of the wind. (it would have blown over)  So, I have my assistant holding the main light camera right, and we are powered up to just over the ambient levels about +1.  You will notice a dark gradient at the bottom of the frame.  This was because I was shooting at 1/320 with a non HS head. I did this to darken down the ground a bit, and bring more attention to their faces.

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Location: Miami, FL.