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I know this does not look like an average "Miami Lifestyle Engagement Photo" but.. it is never the less and is interesting.  Let me explain..

This is an interesting image (above), and is a wonderful example of what lighting can do.  Here, we are actually shooting in a bar (without people in it), as they wanted to have something that reminded of how they first met.  I’ll say that I like this image because (to me) reminds me of a movie.  It’s almost as if I were watching a movie, and I just hit the pause button.  Would you agree?  Anyway, for the technical details, the camera was set to almost “100% black frame”  This means that no data from the ambient was actually hitting the camera sensor.  In fact, the only thing that was.. was that light fixture way in the background camera left.  The background (blue) was two of my speed lights with a blue gel on them, aimed at the background to create a “mood” like the place was actually open.  The main lighting in this shot is actually coming from camera left in the back, and is more of a “backlight” then a main light.  The main subject (Amanda) was “filled” with a static LED light camera right, behind the bar.  The smoke is real, and my shots were timed based on that alone.  I have them both posed to evoke that initial feeling when we are out, and meeting for the first time, and I think it all came together beautifully!


Location: Miami, FL.