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Whenever you think of Miami Engagement Sessions your no doubt going to see images taken from “Vizcaya” from just about every photographer out there.  Nothing wrong with that, it is a beautiful place without a doubt.  However, going there time and time again and trying to make it “unique” is in fact a challenge.  I enjoy that challenge, and to a point it even motivates me to somehow be better then I was last time.  This image (above) was taken on the upper level in the back of the property.  I wanted to really showcase the “building” in this shot, and make my clients a “graphical” part of it.  So, I have them posed in a way to allow some space around them, and behind (so they don’t blend too much into the background / building) and then I have my assistant hiding behind one of the column’s with one of my remote studio lights.  I have under exposed the exterior of the building by a fair amount to offer some “mood” and dimension. 

The end result is a shot that is truly unique, and nothing like I have done before. This type of picture, would look amazing printed large on a canvas and then placed on the wall for everyone to see. 

It's important to consider the "practical application" of photos.  It's hard to find an image that will actually look appropriate on the wall in your house, and not feel too vein about it.  This is a good example of a shot that would work well.

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Location: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129.