Miami Engagement Photos Graffiti walls
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Miami Engagement Photos Graffiti walls

Sometimes Miami Engagement Photos with Graffiti walls is just the right idea!

Here is an image (above) that is using no artificial lighting at all!  This was 100% sun, both on them and on the wall behind.  So, we were strolling along in the “design district” of Miami, and saw this wall.  My god, could it have been any more perfect?  LOL.  The issue was, that the sun was very direct, and harsh for any other type of pose (looking at camera, or eyes open).. so.. I came up with the idea, to pose them in a way that would not require them to look anywhere near the camera.  This, then allowed me to expose for them (and the wall) all at the same time, and effectively use the sun as my main light.  This was me "cheating" the rules of photography a bit, and coming up with a clever workaround.  While I am not a "natural light" branded photographer (and think this term is so silly) I am able to in fact "see" the light, and know when I can use it, and when I need to take more control and add in my own.  This was one of the rare occasions where everything just "worked" and I did not have to make any compromises in anyway.  I do love when that happens (no pun intended from the image) LOL.


Location: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.