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Miami Engagement Photographers often have a hard time coming up with different ideas for their clients.  This is manily because they look for their inspiration from OTHER photographers, and this is never a good idea.  The what that I work, and feel is that I try and source ideas from other areas in live (fashion ads, music videos, movies etc..) and this generally give me a creative edge when it comes to making actual content with my clients.

We were at the Biltmore Hotel, and I saw this shot in my head, and just had to do it.  I wanted now, a more interactive and “romantic” image of the two of them together, on the floor.  I positioned them in front of the window, and used my two lights again.  The shot is impressive because of the composition, which was taken at 200mm from THE LOBBY!  (which was very, very, very far away).  Why?  Because… if I had of used a “wide” lens to capture this, my subjects would have been very small in the image relative to the entire frame / room, etc.  This was not what I wanted, and nor what I knew they would have wanted to see.  It would have shown “too much”.  Too much of the room, walls, etc.  No.  I wanted to keep things well proportioned, yet still include the beautiful chandelier.  My position here as well, was flat on the floor.  This was to control the “spill” of light that happened from my lights.  Regardless of how tight I “gridded” my lights, I still had some spill on the carpet.. and this was minimized by, me, getting very low (my face was literally on the floor)  and.. all totally worth it!

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Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.