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Miami Beach Engagement Photos

Miami Beach Engagement Photos can be a VERY tricky thing unless you have a solid plan, or a known location.  I hear all the time from clients "we want something different"  okay.. great.  What?  LOL.  Well, here was one of my ideas.  Let's go and shoot under a bridge.  You would be surprised how involved I get with the sessions.  I even helped them pick out attire to wear so that it would in fact contrast well with the location.  THIS is a true pro at work.

I wont stand for a client that has no idea, to dump that responsibility onto me (they are your photos.. you need to do some thinking of your own.) but, I can ask you some basic questions, and help you uncover what it is that YOU want to see in the shots.  Unlike the wedding day, sessions like this are meant to have fun, push the limits and are a good time for me to just thrive on the technical side of photography BECAUSE we have the time to do it.  I don't offer silly hourly sessions (although I get calls for them all the time) rather, I focus on going out and making REAL content with no compromises.  There is enough of that all throughout life.. so, let's allow the session to be free of that, and use it as a platform for true greatness.  You with me?!  :-)

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Location: Miami Beach.