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Indian Engagement Photos Miami

There is nothing more colorful, or more vibrant, then Indian Engagement Photos in Miami. This particular shot was captured in Key Biscayne Florida in the evening hours close to sunset. 

Two lights were used for this specific image. One light was behind the groom off into the bushes and this provided a fake sunset on the couple. The second light that I used was my main light and this is on the camera right position of this frame. The lighting plays such an incredibly important role in all of my photography. In this particular case my lighting and specifically the way that I have the position allows for texture, dimension, & mood to really come through in the end result photograph. If I used any other type of lighting especially natural light I never would be able to see all of the sharp details in the wardrobe that they’re wearing. It is also my lighting that is providing the translucent material to really shine through in this particular shot.

So when you really breakdown a image like this, it comes down to the background in the location that’s number one., and then it comes down to the pose, and then comes the lighting considerations, and last is the interaction.  There needs to be some type of genuine interaction among them to pull it all together.


Location: 1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149.