Fairchild Tropical Garden Engagement Photos
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Fairchild Tropical Garden Engagement Photos

Another spot that I think is really fantastic for engagement pictures in Miami, is Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami.  This location is very unique in the sense that it has tons of different photo options but it’s never ever too busy. The only real drawback that I have come up with to shooting photos here is the fact that there’s a lot of walking that is involved. So if you are going to be wearing high heels, then you may want to also bring some flat shoes that are comfortable to wear so that we can walk all throughout the property and your feet won’t hurt.

Taking a look at this specific image, what I love about it is the overall composition that I have chosen. I’m shooting with a wide lens, and I’m doing that so that I can bring out as much of the background as possible.  I am also underexposing the scene drastically to bring out as much color and fidelity as possible from the background. The lighting here is also worth noting, I’m using two lights on my client. One of them is on a broomstick that my assistant is holding camera left. The second light is on the stand and is camera right far away and this is providing that beautiful highlight on my clients and this is what separates them from the background.

This all started out as a very static pose, and then at the last second before I took the picture I said some things to my clients that made them laugh and I got the reaction that I wanted and that makes the shot "pop" and genuine.


Location: 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33156.