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Epic Hotel Engagement Sessions

This Smoking hot Engagement Photo that was taken at the Epic Hotel in Miami is unreal.  Oh, let me explain.. 

I don’t know how many times they practiced that dance move.. but, they nailed it!  I wanted to show this one, because it shows my technical abilities as a photographer working at night (something that is not easy, nor something that most photographers like to do). For this shot, the pose, the lines, and composition really all were perfectly on the money.  I think if they were on Dancing With The Stars they would have gotten a perfect 10!  

We had to do this shot several times in order to get it this perfect.  It was not easy.  Pay attention to where they are standing.  Do you see this?  This is a TINY ledge that is only about 1 foot wide! With water behind them! 

On the technical side of this shot, I am shooting at a very high ISO around 12800 and have made SURE to place them in a section that was NOT effected by the ambient light.  i.e. no street lights were effecting the lighting on them.  This way, I could control ALL of the light, and color myself with my lighting.  But pushing the camera like I did, photographers often make the mistake of color contamination, or "showing the sensor" too much data.  So, careful consideration needs to be taken when making a shot like this, IF you want it to come out like this.   As for the lighting, I am using two. One if actually far away on a bridge (about 300 feet away) and is aimed in the general location where we are standing.  This was the separation light, and the light that is lighting her from the side.  The main light was a small octa bank held by my assistant camera right.

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Location: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131.