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Engagement Sessions in Wynwood

One of my favorite “silhouette” shots EVER

This was a shot from one of my Engagement Sessions in Wynwood. (which requires the "right" type of client for sure).

.  Here it was so easy, as I already had the lighting just as I wanted it. I simply, turned off my main light and re-positioned the back light to create this image.  I love the hint of the car in the background, and all of the texture I am picking up with the ground, wall, and Natalia’s dress.   Attention was given to this pose to allow some breathing space around their legs, shoes, and upper bodies.  I think it's almost perfect short of a few minor imperfections that only another pro photographer would see.

Shots like this are very hard to replicate.  Getting the lighting to be balance is very hard.  A lot of photographers struggle with lighting, as it is not something that comes natural to them.  For me, this is not the case.  This is my strongest asset (second to my own personality of course), and I am able to setup, configure, and dial in the lighting within seconds for any shoot, or unique situation that we maybe faced with.  The reality, is that we only ever have a few seconds to get the shot.. because clients can't be waiting around for a photographer to be fumble around with anything LOL.  They need to be fast, sharp, and on point and this is exactly what I bring to the table.

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Location: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.