Engagement Sessions in Downtown Miami
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Engagement Sessions in Downtown Miami

I get asked all the time where this amazing engagement session picture in Miami was taken. This shot was taken in the lobby of their residential building where they live in downtown Miami. We had special permission from the building to do this, and as it turned out was quite incredible! 

Often times hotels have very unique places to take pictures like this, but you need to get permission ahead of time to ensure that you’re allowed to take pictures on their property.  Sometimes clients think that they can just go to any hotel in take pictures. But this is not the case. Hotels are very very strict about photography, and they only allow photographers to take pictures on the property if the client is paying a fee. This fee can range in price. I’ve seen fees anywhere from $200 up to $1000 depending upon the specific hotel.

As a matter of fact some hotels even restrict your ability to take photos on the wedding day even if you’re getting ready at that same hotel!

As an example the Ritz Carlton in Coconut Grove does not allow anyone to take photos around the property even if you’re getting ready in that hotel on your wedding day. You need to pay a separate fee to be able to take photos anywhere around that hotel. So always double check to make sure that where you want to take photos you’re in fact allowed to do so. There’s nothing worse than to be told "no" on your wedding day or during a photo shoot and have to come up with a plan "b" at the last minute.

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Location: Mimai, Fl.