Engagement Sessions at the Beach in Miami
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Engagement Sessions at the Beach in Miami

I will admit that Engagement Sessions at the Beach are not my favorite thing in the world. There are just too many moving parts, and things that are out of our control (wind, people, sand everywhere, hair blowing.. it's generally a mess and I hate it).  BUT.. LOL, if you do manage to get me to the beach ($$) then I will make it worth while.  All I ask is that you listen and take my advice on the time of day, and allow me to try some of my ideas :-).

I also spoke previously about how I think most photographers make the mistake of getting their inspiration from..  other.. photographers.  This is a big mistake, and truthfully is why so many photos all look the same on many photographers websites.

Except mine. ;-)

The image (above), shows what I mean…  Now, taking a look at the image itself, it is showing some emotion, and tenderness which.. can be very hard for a photographer to get.  I have created something, that almost looks as if it were a movie that was “paused”.  Perhaps, they were just shipwrecked and washed up on shore.. no one knows.  But, it is timeless, and will always look great.  It truly does look as if there is a story there to be told.

Be sure to check out all of their shots here in my blog.

Location: Hollywood Beach, FL.