Engagement Photos at the Biltmore Miami
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Engagement Photos at the Biltmore Miami

I have shot a ton of Engagement Session at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami (and show them here on my gallery) but this shot of my clients inside of the lobby at the Biltmore is one of my favorite shots taken there so far.

First of all, we did not have premission for this shoot at all!  I am not saying this is a good idea, but it's interesting never the less.  We jsut walked in, and started shooting.  I had assumed that my clients had contacted the hotel, and paid the fee (which I think is somewhere around $200 - $300) so I myself never questioned it.  and.. I think the hotel just saw us so confident, that they also assumed we had premission.  After all I have been there countless times and know the lay of the land LOL.

Anyway.. this shot.  Taken in the main lobby.  What I love about it is the composition.  Take a close look at what I was going for here.  I was trying to mimic the sculpture that was to the right of the camera with the pose of my clients.  Then, I paid close attention to all of the chandeliers and placed them right inline of them.  In the end this super wide shot shows almost the entire lobby (making it very "Biltmore") and yet, very artistic and creative all at the same time.  This is an example of an image that is worth speaking about.

You can actually watch me take this shot, in this short video below!

And.. be sure to check out ALL of the shots we took here on my blog!


Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.