Engagement Photos on the Beach in Miami
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Engagement Photos on the Beach in Miami

I know.. more Miami Beach Engagement Photos.. LOL..  I say this because I have mentioned through out my site things that make it pretty clear I don't really like going to the beach (sand) for any photos.  But, yet I keep showing some.   The beach just has too many variables and is annoying.  Wind, rain, hair getting in your face, other people, parking, the list goes on and on.  BUT.. if your smart about the planning of the session (which I can help with, and try to control) then yes, you can get some pretty cool shots!  It just comes down to some of the details, and most importantly timing. 

The ONLY time to do nice beach shots (in my opinion) is super early morning.  In this case, the rain was on the way.. and we only had about 15 min to get some nice shots before we got wet!  I took advantage of the dark sky, and actually used one of my lights to “fake” the sun!  Pretty neat huh!

One thing about shooting early in the morning, is the hair and makeup will need to also be done early, and this may pose a challenge to find someone who can get up, and get it done early enough.

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Also you can watch me in action here in this video!


Location: Hallover Beach, FL.