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Downtown Miami Engagement Photos

Downtown Miami Engagement Photos are some of my best work.  I love to be able to not only capture nice images of my clients, but also to bring over the elements of the city.  Especially at night as seen in this very sexy shot.

Working at night can be VERY challenging for any photographer, at any level.  I tend to excel in this area, and have all the tools I need to allow me to get the shots that I do.  However, I must say that even with all the right tools it will always come down to the person using them’s ability to leverage for the best results.  Kinda like when someone says to me “Hey, that's a nice camera.. it must take amazing images”  I always reply with “Yeah, thanks!  I actually taught it everything it knows ;-)”  Okay, the image (above), a sexy capture of Marjorie & Juan in front of the Epic Hotel in Miami.  Here I have pushed the camera (Canon 1DX) to the limits (12,800 ISO) and I am holding around 1/50 of a shutter if memory serves.  This is what I needed to get the background to come out like I wanted.  Then, I had to use two lights on them.  This is where things can get tricky… when your using “studio” lights,  sometimes the “minimum” power setting is still… too much.  So, I have to use some ND Gel, on top of the CTO to “dumb down” the power output.  You may think “well.. why can’t you just back the light off farther away?”  (this would be a good workshop lesson), the fact is the light quality changes, and the shadows are more pronounced when you do that..  anyway, this is how I got the shot I wanted..


Location: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131.