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Design District Engagement Photos Miami

Engagement Photos in the Design District can be hit or miss.  It's not my first suggestion in terms of locations to go.. but, for this session it worked great!  

Now we turned up the heat (and lighting).  Driving around, we found this old, abandoned car sitting in a parking lot.  I just HAD to get some shots with it!    Now, it’s worth mentioned that I have spoken about not letting the “location” dictate the shot, and always “go with the light”.  well.. this was a time, where that rule was broken, and that's because I knew I may never have a chance to get this, and because I was prepared to “minus” out all the ambient light, and replace it with my own.. which.. is –exactly– what I did.  Here, the camera is set to “black frame”.  Meaning, without my lighting there is no picture at all in the camera, it is well below the ambient level, so 100% of the data hitting the camera sensor is coming from my lighting.  Okay, so.. I have two lights here, one camera left up VERY high pointing down on the car / subjects.  This is gelled 1/1 CTO for the “warmth”.  Then, I have my assistant holding the boom stick with the main light camera right, which in this case was a small deep “octa bank”.  I wanted a sexy shot, so I have Jose make some moves on Natalie on that car.. and got this shot (above)

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Location: Design District, Miami.