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Deering Estate Engagement Sessions

This was not just another Deering Estate engagement Session. This was a day that we all should have stayed home LOL.  If you did not read the previous image caption, start there.  This was the shot we did just after Katie recovered from passing out, and had some water.  This is actually why they are sitting at the bench.  I just decided to grab a shot of them while sitting, and I think it worked out very well, and was a clever way to keep working in spite of the fact she was not feeling well.  I had her remove some of the dress material to make things cooler, and a bit sexier. (so that all worked out nice) and then we faked a few shots with the glasses, and loosen up Johnathan's tie and collar.  So, this actually worked even better, was more relaxed and give them a little more breathing air!

Client's all too often under estimate what's involved on a session. It can be hard work, and that's even in good weather.  It was 102F on this day!  That was a day to stay home, and re set this for another date that would be cooler weather.  It's never worth forcing shots when your not comfortable.

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Location: 16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33157.