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Deering Estate Engagement Photos

The Deering Estate is one of the best kept secret locations in Miami for engagement sessions.  It's NEVER busy with people, it's not too big, and has some exceptional places to get some really nice shots.

However.. regardless on how nice the location is or can be, you can't hide from the heat, and humidity.

It was 102F outside, but we still were able to get some nice shots!  I used the heat as an excuse to show some of Katie’s legs & shoes and made this into a styled, sexy shot!  They loved it!

I have written about this many times on my blog, and I will say it again here.. it's my suggestion to avoid doing any type of session during the super hot months here in South Florida.  Even if it means doing the session closer to the wedding, that's fine.. I can turn the photos around in one day.  When your outside, and it's as hot as it is.. you either need to wear very little clothing, or consider waiting for cooler months.  

What your not seeing here in this shot, is that Katie actually PASSED OUT just moments later from the heat!  More details on the next image..

Oh.. you can also listen to this talk about the shots, and some more detail commentary on what went into all of this.  

Also be sure to check out all the images on my blog post over here.


Location: 16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33157.