Coconut Grove Engagement Sessions
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Coconut Grove Engagement Sessions

This Coconut Grove Engagement Session took place at The Barnacle in Coconut Grove, and is a very unique, hidden little place!  While there is not too much there, I found several ways to make some very impressive images! 

Here, I am shooting all natural light for this image on the porch (above).  I am standing on the ground (lower) then they are, and I found a little “patch” of openness in the flowers that surrounded the front of the rail.  I posed my clients in a way that brought them close to the edge (for the light quality), and then got my shot.  I very much like the composition, using the “space” for her shoes and playing from the color pink.

Funny enough this shot was not lit using any of my fancy lighting (but see the next image for a different story on that).. it just all came together very naturally with the available light that was there that day. (this is rare).

I also very much like how they have carefully selected wardrobe to match!  I think this is cute, and is a nice idea.  I wish more couples would put more effort in to what they wear on sessions.  I actually have written an document on this very thing and you can read that here.



Location: 3485 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133.