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I think (I know) that every Wedding Photographer that has been in business long enough end's up looking for more unique, and different content.  Well, in these Brickell Engagement Photos I think you will find just that.  

Here are a few images from Leslie & David’s shoot.  Leslie wanted to have some images taken of them at home, doing some of the things they love to do (cook in this case).  I love this shot, not only because of the content, and the actions that are going on in the imagery, but also I really love how all the colors, and tones came out.  Specifically, the stainless steel, and more muted tones that are behind them.. they have been dressed in black / darker clothing for contrast, and then.. we have the “pop” of the vegetables on the cutting board.  This was all done this way by no accident.  

LOL, the more I look at this shot the more it inspires me to do more shoots that are not the "norm".  For example, it would be really nice to do a session of a date at home.. where perhaps there was a scene of cooking, and flirting, then the dinner scenes.. perhaps some talking, coffee, maybe even a movie.. and then some advances on the couch, kissing, and even something that suggests something a bit more ;-)  I think THIS would be incredible.  In fact, this is one of the "personal projects" that I want to do on my own time, where I can control every aspect of it.  I think this would be a great idea, and then I can show what I am speaking about :-)


Location: 475 Brickell Avenue. Suite 204 Miami, FL 33131.