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Biltmore Engagement Sessions

Biltmore Engagement Sessions can be incredible. BUT only if you have the right photographer, and concepts.  If you just go there with no plan, your likely to be very overwhelmed with options and this can have a paralyzing effect (not good).  Thankfully working with Leslie & David this was a non issue, as she had a ton of specific ideas all of her own.. and.. I loved them!

Pillow Fight anyone?

We went to the Biltmore Hotel for the second location of their session.  They actually rented a room for the shot (above).  The “pillow fight” was a great idea, and while I must have taken 100 frames of this alone, I really liked this shot.  Let me give you a better idea on what actually went into this shot…  First, I had two assistants on this shoot.  Here, one of them has a huge bag of feathers and is dumping them on top of a large fan, blowing them into the air.  Then, my other assistant is holding a boom with a very large “Octa” bank for lighting that was camera right.  I needed a very large, soft, flat lighting source as the room was pretty dim (totally dark) on it’s own.  Everything came together, and we had SO much fun with all of this!

In the end, this is truly a very unique engagement session and I am sure will inspire others.


Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.