Biltmore engagement photoshoot
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Biltmore engagement photoshoot

After some lobby shots at the Biltmore Hotel, we poke around in one of the empty ball rooms.  I saw this, and Leslie had this crazy idea for David.  LOL.  She wanted him to sit in the chair with this “muted” look upon his face, and body, and Leslie wanted to kinda “provoke” him with her sexiness.  The idea here was to keep David looking like a puppet, and very un-interested in what Leslie was doing, yet still looking right at the camera.  Then, on the other side have Leslie doing the opposite, and looking very sexy.  You will notice (how could you not) that we have Leslie posed in a way that shows the most "leg", and is very inviting.

You have to think about, and understand that this type of concept is not for everyone (nor should it be), and I think the internet is already filled with enough "general shots" from sessions of couples together.  I am over that, and I think if people are honest, they are too.   So, when I get clients like this, who in fact have some real, creative and specific ideas.. I AM IN!  I really respect that, and I think they picked the best photographer for the job..  and.. the reason I feel that way is because in order to truly bring some of this to life, it needs to be done at the highest levels.   For example.. see that bead of light running along side Leslie's leg?  This is what calls attention to her legs, and is what REALLY makes the shot sexy.  This was due to my second light off camera.  This is a little detail (and extra work) that few (if any) other photographers would have thought of.  But, I knew how important it would be.  This light also is what brings out the red in her heels.  Something I also wanted to be sure was very visible .

So, all of this is not as easy as it may look.  There needs to be some real world execution in the shots!

Lighting here was just two strip banks camera left, and right.  

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Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.