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Bill Baggs Park Engagement Photos

Bill Baggs Park is a wonderful place for Engagement Photos in Miami.  I have been there often, and I always seem to manage to impress my clients with the end results, so that makes this place a real win for me.  That said, there is not too many options here (not like a Vizcaya, or Fairchild Gardens as an example).  BUT.. it does have some very unique places to get shots and is worth considering if you want to be in this general area.

Now, here (above) it may look almost like the image before it.  However, it’s not.  I am still in the same general location, and the sun is still doing what I want however I wanted to amplify what I saw in reality, and make it even a bit more powerful.  In other words, I wanted a tremendous amount of light to come and wash up my clients, when in reality the sun was in fact there… but… just very little.  So, I took my studio light, placed it on a stand camera right FAR away on full power and then positioned myself so that I got the “flare” from the light into my lens to create this effect.  The shot is further posed in a way to bring my vision to the camera sensor, and I get a very pleasing and very unexpected result.

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Location: 1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149.