Best Biltmore Engagment Photos
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Best Biltmore Engagment Photos

If you look all through my site, you may agree that I have some of the Best Biltmore Engagement Photos out there.  Here is another example from a session that partly took place there.

Natalie & Jose’s engagement session.  Now, I am shooting at the Biltmore Hotel.  Just look at the outfits!  I loved them.  For this shot (above) I am going for a more posed, “fashion” look and have used Jose as more of a “suggestion” in the frame by keeping him in the background.  For this image, I am in fact using all natural light, that is being re-directed with a large Sun Bounce panel camera right. (this is basically a huge reflector) and allowed me to keep the light right on Natalie.  Notice all of the details in this shot, in terms of the pose.  Notice how legs and feet have been bent, body's have been shifted forward etc.. all of this leads to a fantastic end result.

This is an interesting spot at the hotel, it is outside yet is covered in case it rains.  This is yet another reason why I love the Biltmore Hotel for sessions, and weddings.  It's very functional, and practical in addition to being very beautiful.  There are so many places you could have your engagement session in Miami, the Biltmore hotel is just one of them.


Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.