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Best Biltmore Engagement Photos

The Biltmore hotel is a beautiful place to go for Engagement pictures.  Here, I used the hard sun light from above / back to lite the background and water.   I then used my lighting in the front, and was able to produce this impressive looking shot!

Timing plays such a big role with photography.  If we had been at this same location an hour prior, or later it would have been totally different.  The sun would not be here, the building in the background would not be lit evenly, and the entire frame would not be anything special, nor worth showing as an impressive result.  The timing is key!   This is also why I NEVER let the location dictate the shot.  It's about the LIGHT.  Where is the light, where is the sun? Where can I go to find the best light, and what can I make from this location.  This is why, it makes a lot of sense to go to places for Engagement Photos in Miami like the Biltmore, Vizcaya, Deering Estate, etc.. because they offer a large canvas to work on.  If the sun is not on one spot, it will be out on the other.  So, this means we have options.. and it ensures that when we actually do go and chase the light there is something nice there worth shooting. I hope that makes sense, and I hope that you will consider a nice location for your engagement photos so that we will have all the options in the world to make nice photos of you!

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Location: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.