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Beach Engagement Photos Miami

Beach Engagement Photos in Miami can be very hard to "pull off".  I say that with lot's of experience, and lots of drives home from a "beach session" where I turned to my assistant and I said "I &^%$^&* hate the beach".  Why? Because there are way too many variables.  Oh, I get and understand the attraction for some beach shots.  I think that's fine, it's just that you have to accept the possibility of a beach session not going as smoothly as you may think.  Wind, other people, sand flying around, hair getting in your face, clothing getting in the way, etc.. are just SOME of the examples.  In this case, we wanted a nice sunset shot.. let me explain a bit more.. 

This eye catching image was taken along side of Key Biscayne.  What I really love here the most is the lighting.  The time of day played a huge role, in that the sun had just gone down and I was there pulling what little detail remind in the sky back out with my camera as a “baseline exposure”.  The challenge then was to get some light on my subjects, without making anything look too “flash like”.  So many times, I see photographers use flash, at night.. and it looks.. well.  Horrible.  LOL.  The key, is to get the light to strike my subjects in a non direct way, yet still renders a beautiful capture.  The image above, I have one small flash on a stand camera right FAR away so that the light would completely “wrap” my clients.  Most of the exposure is ambient light, which I was careful to gel my flash to match.  This then creates a REALLY nice romantic shot, that actually looks real, but was not at all.  Pretty clever huh!

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Location: Key Biscayne, FL.