Barnacle Park Engagement Sessions Miami
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Barnacle Park Engagement Sessions Miami

I have only been to The Barnacle Park in Coconut Grove one time.. and I think it's time I head on back for round two!   I loved this place, and it was a hidden little find indeed.  Check out this shot.. 

Without a doubt, one of the best times of day to shoot is later, close to evening.  The sun becomes more directional and I have to work less at getting the type of lighting I want.  Here (above) you can see that sun providing a perfect full body “rim” light on my subjects.  This, and this alone dictated the spot in which I had them stand for this portrait.  The main lighting, was provided by my studio light… however the camera’s “base line” exposure was of course set for the ambient highlight first.  I am careful to choose a darker background for my subjects , as I am having to expose for some of the ambient and don’t want to pull the attention away.

"Seeing" the light is the #1 thing any photographer needs to learn how to do, and it's the foundation to ALL of the shots that I take.  I don't ever let the location fully dictate the shot.  I don't let people tell me "oh, in front of this building will be great"..  meh.. maybe.  But, in like 2 hours.  As a photographer you have to take control (politely) and guide the client to what you know is going to be the best results.  Rarely is that what "they" think it is going to be.


Location: 3485 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133.