Airplane Engagement Session Miami
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Airplane Engagement Session Miami

This Airplane Engagement Session in Miami was to die for!  For sure be sure to check out all the shots over on my blog post here.

This shot (above), I wanted something a bit more “romantic”, and brought them in close.  I was able to also move my lighting in close, and get a faster “recycle” between shots (more efficient on the technical side).  You will notice that “sun set” like color on the back of the plane, and Leo.. this was a gelled studio light.  This means there was no sun in real life, and I have created that effect in the camera by use of some very powerful lighting.

It maybe easy to see at an image like this and think that this was all done with Photoshop, or it has been edited like crazy, and the truth of the matter is just the opposite. NOTHING was edited, and everything that you see here DID happen in the camera!  Why is this important, and a source of pride?  Well, because when things actually happen in the camera it means a more refined, and more importantly a more consistent result will occur.  This leads to, and impacts client expectations!  It also means it only takes me a few hours to process all of the shots from the session and then deliver them to my clients who are very excited to see all of the results.  THIS is why my style is what it is.  It just means less work on the back end, and a much faster, consistent result to my clients.

Be sure to check out the full shoot here on my blog.

Location: Wings Over Miami.


Location: 14710 SW 128th Street Miami, FL 33186.