Palm Beach Princess Casino Calendar

About three weeks ago I got a call from Todd (creative director) asking me about photography service for a large project that he is in the final stages of putting together for a casino cruise line. The project is to shoot a promotional calendar for a casino boat in West Palm Beach, FL. The calendar will include some of the promotional girls (models for events) that work on the boat, as well as some models that I was able to provide.

Myself, Kevin (my business parter), Yuliya (our Makeup Artist / Stylist), and my assistant Brett all went to meet with Todd on the boat, so we could get a better feel for what they were looking for.. I brought my camera along so I could also take some “collateral” shots of some locations they had in mind for the shoot (this was for my notes, and planning). The shooting time was going to be a challenge because the cruse ship is always at sea.. and we needed to shoot this with the boat docked. The times the boat is docked was from 1AM – 9:30AM. This meant everyone had to be ready to start shooting at 1AM, and each day we had to be finished before the boat left for sea (9:30AM)!! In addition to the general shooting times.. we only had a window of about 45-min to allocate to each model… this also had to include moving all of our lighting equipment and getting it all setup from one location of the boat to another! There was no time for error.. nor any time to “play” with the lighting.. everything had to move along very quickly as they came out from makeup and on set.