[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have talked about how shooting some commercial photography projects are a good thing for me, my abilities, and my brand over in my commercial gallery.  Today was another example of that on this commercial / editorial photoshoot in Miami, FL at the beautiful Villa Bagatelle Hotel for Modern Luxury Brides Magazine.  Because I have some of my weddings published in this magazine already, and have the relationships in place I became an easy choice when the editor in chief was looking for Miami Commercial Photographers to shoot a story involving four girls having fun, getting ready to party.  The assignment was to simply capture them laughing, having fun, drinking, etc. and I was up for the job!

MLB, I can’t thank you enough for having myself, and my assistant Jorge join you on this incredibly fun shoot!  I look forward to more projects in the future!


Here (above) is a “behind the scenes” video of me in action!  This is nice, as you can watch how, and when some of the shots were actually captured.

Miami-Commercial-Photographers-001As you can see in the video I posted above, I have given them some “loose” direction and am shooting from a far to try and compress the background as much as possible, and to give them more room to interact naturally.  The Sun, played a role in all the shots and was placed behind them at all times.  In this shot (above) the sun was providing a nice separation for the two girls camera right.. and then I added in my own “sun” LOL camera left to balance out the frame.Miami-Commercial-Photographers-002In this shot, the sun had gone down and I was standing on a table (see video) looking more downward.  I needed to do this, because of the railing that was blocking my view.  The pool deck was tricky, with lots of lines, and distractions but this one ended up working very well, and looks totally natural even though it’s not.  Camera left, I have a large octa bank in close to provide the lighting to all four subjects.
Miami-Commercial-Photographers-003This shot (above), I have removed the main light, re-set my camera for the ambient… and then used my “rim” light (for separation) to create the highlight form the camera right position.  This, was my personal fav. shot from the shoot as I liked the softer look, and again very natural interactions.
Miami-Commercial-Photographers-004Lastly, we have this shot (above).  This was a more dynamic look, and I created a “layered” shot by adding a foreground, and background.  Here, the sun had actually already gone down.. so I was using a very reflective “beauty dish” camera left, from behind to create the backlight effect.