“It’s about the people”  Period.

I don’t think its hard to figure out why some business are more successful then others.  It all pretty much comes down to PEOPLE.  A hotel is just a building,  a restaurant is just a place to get food, and a car dealership is where you buy cars.  Anyone can stay, eat, and buy their cars anywhere.  What makes them go to and return to a —specific— place??

It’s the people.

It’s the experience.  It’s the little warm fuzzy’s that you feel inside when you are having a great time somewhere.  This is ALL that matters in todays world which is overfilled with options and stimulation from every direction.

 As a Miami Wedding Photographer, an educator, a spokesperson.. (I seem to be a lot of things lately including a producer).. I wanted to make this connection with MY clients who hire, and trust me.  Years, and years of working inside of the wedding dynamic I have truly seen it all, or at least seen enough to understand when things are truly running smoothly vs. an absolute train wreck nightmare.

Brides… need to understand that you must look past the static “end result”

(the pretty place, the pretty pictures, the fancy food, etc..) and hire FIRST based on the PEOPLE.  Because a nice hotel with a cold, un-accomidating staff is worthless, a “big name” vendor that is a diva is not welcome, and a makeup artist that is late, or can’t stay on track is a huge liability.. and all of this will effect the very “end result’ you had in mind.  Ironic huh?   I see this every weekend, and my blog and videos are my version of my “book” on this subject.

So join me, in this short interview with Morgan at the Hyatt Regency in Coral Gables, FL as we talk a little bit about her, and the experience I have had at this hotel over the years.

Also be sure that you check out this blog post, so that you can see the full commercial that I made, and referenced during this interview!


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