Best Wedding Photographers

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] little story on what it meant to me to be called one of the Best Wedding Photographers.

There I was sitting in my doctors office waiting room… waiting to be called into the.. smaller waiting room (the office itself), and after I put down the copy of TIME magazine in the main room I found myself looking at the back of the door in the little doctors office.  You know, they bring you in.. and you sit up on the table, and they tell you to take your shirt off.  Well, there I was freezing and I look over and what do I see in the rear of the door pocket?  A copy of the current Modern Luxury Brides magazine LOL!   All of the sudden I smile, and just at that moment she walks in and asks how I am doing.   I chuckle and say, “okay”.. and then I nod over to the magazine and ask “have you looked at your Modern Luxury Magazine yet?”  She said yes, and that it was one of her fav. bridal magazines!  I said “mine too” and told her I had some work published in it.  She picked it up, and had me show her.  I felt like a million dollars, and she said.. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”OMG, I have seen your work before online.. and it’s stunning”[/perfectpullquote]

I was speechless.  She said I was one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Miami.

I have said it before in other posts, and I will say it again.. I don’t believe there are any Best Wedding Photographers in Miami.  The term “best” is just wayyyyy too subjective.  I know there are a TON of “photographers” seemingly everywhere I go, and I personally don’t bother looking at whats out there because I like to stay true with my own style.  Yes, there are one or two world leader photographers that I check in on from time to time, but for the most part I don’t know many other photographers at all, especially in my area..  and..  I LOVE that.   I get my ideas, and my inspiration from many other sources and I don’t judge my success based on what everyone else is doing around me.  I have my own thoughts, ideas, and plans.. and take pride in staying the course.

I am sharing this, because when I have moments of recognition like this.. and it’s coming from someone that is really a fan, and not a paying client, or family it means even more.  It means that I am doing something right, and that feels like a big gulp of water on a hot day. 😉


Check out this quick little video recap of the publications I have in the current issue of Modern Luxury Brides Magazine, along with a special congratulations to many of my clients featured in the back of the book!


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Best Wedding PhotographersBest Wedding Photographers

To see more details from this shot (above) you can check out the full blog post here, and you can even see a short behind the scenes video too!Best Wedding PhotographersTo see more details from this shot (above) be sure you check out the full blog post here, and also a very detailed behind the scenes video!Best Wedding PhotographersCongratulations to Julie & Joe once again, so nice to see this as a full page spread in the magazine!!  I am sure this wedding will be of inspiration to many others.